From one founder to another, tools and lessons that are for makers and builders.

Welcome to Hardware Startup!

There are hundreds of tools out there to help every type of software startup you can think of, but what about those of us who are developing physical products. I've had to find the right tools through trial and error, but you don't have to. I want to pass along the lessons I've learned to help the next founder in line. I'll slowly be adding reviews, how-to's, and suggestions for the tools I use.
Adam Salamon
Founder, Pression

Note taking, shouldn't be hard...

Keeping tabs on meeting notes, appointments, to-do’s, and thoughts is a constant struggle for founders.  How do you keep everything organized and in one place so you can actually find the information when you want it.

Inspiration doesn’t only strike when you’re at your desk, who wants to lug a notebook around everywhere?

We need a digital solution that allows us to always have our notebook with us and one that is flexible enough to meet our specific needs. After trying a bunch of different tools, I finally found the solution!